The world is fast growing with sophisticated technologies and is shrinking very fast with the use of Information Technology. Computer Education has become the need of the hour. It is being introduced in every school/College at almost all levels. Yet due to poor quality teaching methods, students never reached a minimum standard of awareness. Realizing the situation, SITD MEGABYTE CORPORATE launched a package, to create computer experts who could deliver IT Education to the masses. The SITD MEGABYTE CORPORATE research wing came out with a new project named Computer Teachers’ Training Course which was very effective to meet the needs of the Industry to this date.

The concept of the Computer Teachers’ Training Course is to initiate steps to raise the standards of Computer Education and to fulfil the Computer Literacy for total development in the Country’s Employment Opportunities.

The Speciality designed package of CTTC allows a student to appear for a spectrum of jobs viz: Computer Teachers, Data Entry Operator, Office assistants, Computerized Accountant, Computer Oriented Designers/DTP Operator, Programmers and a lot more. 50% Course Fee is sponsored by Labour Department, Govt. of West Bengal for Registered Job Seekers.

Complete Modules


Introduction To Computer, Definition, Characteristics, Data, Information, Limitations, System Architecture, Input Devices, CPU, Output Devices, Memory Unit (Internal & External), DVD,VCD, Pen Drive, Software And Hardware, Types Of Software – System & Application.


DOS, Types of commands (Internal & External), Internal commands (with/without a path (Date, Time, CIs, Copy, Ren. Del or Erase, MD, CD, RD, Prompt), External Commands (Edit, Attrib, Move, Find and Xcopy), Batch File & XCopy, batch file. Windows XP-Introduction to Windows XP, Difference between DOS & Windows, File, Folder, Desktop, Icon, Accessories-MS Paint, Notepad & WordPad.


Different Types of Number systems, Binary, Decimal, Hexa-Decimal, Octal, Number System Conversion.


Truth Table, Postulates, Demorgan Theorems and proof by truth table,

Logic gates: Gates, Types of Gates, OR Gate, AND Gate, NOT Gate, NOR Gate, NAND Gate, EX-OR Gate/XOR Gate/Exclusive OR Gate, XNOR Gate/EX-NOR Gate/Exclusive NOR Gate. Universal gate, NOR gate as Universal gate, NAND gate as a universal gate, Implement the Function by logic gates.



Introduction, Font, Fill Color, Font Color, Bold, Italic, Paragraph, Tabs, Change Case, Bullets & Numbering, Textbox, Borders And Shading, Auto Shape, Footnote, header and footer, find, Insert Table, Add/Delete rows and column, Formula, Page Set up, landscape & portrait printing, Change case, add to the dictionary, Mail Merge, Find & replace, Spelling And Grammar Caption, auto text, AutoCorrect, Thesaurus, hyperlink, 3-D effect, background change, Drop Cap, Forms, Insert Picture, Sort.


Introduction (Worksheet, Cell), Cells Series Function (Sum (), Average (), IF (), Chart, Goal Seek, Scenarios, Scenarios, Project Sheet, Sort Filter – Auto Filter And Advanced Filter, Form Consolidate, Subtotals, Table, Validation.


Introduction, Slide Sorter, Slide Transition, Apply Design, Font Alignment, Background, Action Buttons, Setup Show, Custom Animation.


Introduction (RDBMS Data Base, Table, Field Row) Table Creation, Primary Key, Queries (Select, Update, Delete) Append And Make Table, Forms Reports.


Introduction, history of the Internet, Network, LAN, WAN, MAN, Requirements to access the Internet – Modem, ISP, Browsing, Chatting, E-mail, creating e-mail address, sending mail. Attachment any document.

DTP (Desk Top Publishing)


Type: Page Setup, Font Size, leading, tab setting, alignment, Hyphenation,

Element: fill & stroke, text-wrap, polygon setting, rounded corners, mask, unmask. Utilities: plug-ins Eps Font Scanner, Drop cap, bullets and numbering.

Edit: cut, copy, paste, insert, object, edit story.

Layout: insert page, column guide, and sort page.

Options: Scripts envelop, invitation, letterhead, resume, newspaper, invoice, visiting card, scanner, and printer.

Corel Draw

Text: – Format text, Edit text

Edit: – Cut, copy, paste, find & replace, clone, insert object properties.

View option: Simple wireframe, normal, draft, ruler, bleed, snap to objects.

Layout: – Insert page, rename page, page orientation, resize page, page setup. Arrange: -Transformation, group, ungroup combine, break part, weld, trim.

Objects: – Artistic media, transform lens, power clip.

Bitmap: – Convert to bitmap, bitmap effects.


Basic Concept of Photoshop, System Requirement, Bitmap & Vector Image, Create a New Image, Layer, Channels, Path, Using the editing tools, Working With Text, Adjusting Images, Filter Effects, Concept of Retouching, Collage, JPEG & TIFF, Saving Your Work

Programming in C

Introduction (history of C, Compiler, option of C editor), Different dataType (int, double, char), declaration of a variable, initialization of a variable, operators (arithmetic, logical relational, ternary prefix postfix) Basic statements printf (). scanff) getch() clrscr (), decision control statements-!! nested if, switch. Loop control (for, while, do while loops) Arrays (one dimension, two dimensions, multi-dimensional, static declaration of arrays). Functions (user-defined functions, with arguments, argument with no return value, void functions), Recursion simple program, advantage and disadvantage of recursion, structures, structure programs, structure arrays Pointers – pointer program, Siring manipulation use of library function and user defined function. File Handling functions



Concept of Account Advantage of Tally, Create a company and give password SettingAccountsunderdifferentgroupsincludmgVATVoucher entry – payment receipt and journal contra. Displaying reports Purchase and Sales voucher. Cost center and cost category, Budget. Outstanding Reports Bank reconciliation statement. Financial statement Export and Import

Programming in Visual Basic

Introduction to visual basic – forms, properties events, controls – command button.

scroll bars, textbox, list box. file list, drive list, directory list, timer, option button check box Components – rich textbox control. Common dialogue control Windows common controls menu editor – User defined pul! menus Database – creatng database – using MS – Access, Database components – MS Flex Grid, database grid reports. Form Active X control form, MDI form Application – creating a setup for a VB